- - - On-line booking system for all accommodation providers - - -

If you are an accommodation provider with a hotel, self catering cottages or apartments, bed & breakfast, a campsite, caravan site or guest house and want to find a way to taking bookings on-line, look no further than Booking Master.

Let your customers check availability and book on-line

Satisfy your customer's demands to book immediately

Secure your potential customers' business once they visit your website. If they can check availability and book through your website there is less chance they will leave your website and book with a competitor offering a more immediate and responsive service.

Improve cash flow with on-line accommodation booking

Improve cash flow

Where deposits are traditionally taken by cheque you are often left taking up valuable occupancy space whilst waiting for the money to arrive. Taking payments on-line means you can take a deposit or full payment and secure the booking in one simple operation, plus using our system you can also take bookings and balance payments by telephone with card payments if you wish, without the need of a merchant account or terminal.

Improve profitability with on-line accommodation booking

Increase occupancy rates and reduce costs

Booking Master is a system that is configured to your particular requirements, which can be easily updated to help increase your bookings and reduce costs. Changing prices or information on seasons will no longer involve waiting for your web developer to alter your website content and then paying for their time.

Free up your time with on-line booking for self catering,bed and breakfast,campsites

Free up your time

Booking Master provides availability information to customers, takes bookings, updates itself, sends confirmation reminders, and balance due reminders, 24 hours a day 7 days a week; no need for you to be there at the end of the phone or email, or occupied updating diaries, wall charts or spreadsheets with booking information. Your time is freed up to focus on other issues such as marketing perhaps (we also provide a cost effective e-marketing solution as part of the Booking Master package).

"This booking system is fantastic for my holiday cottage web site and gives me real peace of mind when I am away from my computer.
Well done Booking Master!!"

Karen Griffiths, Stay in Broadhaven

"I have found the online booking system really easy to use and update and it has definitely generated extra business"

Nicola Dent, The Haggard, Manorbier

"We find the on-line booking system extends our appeal to computer users who like to select the room they wish to stay in and book without picking up the phone. It also makes things simpler for overseas visitors who can easily pay in Sterling and pay the card bill in their own currency. The clear availability chart works very well and we do not find it difficult to maintain. We also appreciate the prompt and efficient backup support."

Bob Keys, Whitehall Lodge