Some examples and comments...

Here is a small sample of some sites that use Booking Master and some of the comments we have received. You can see Booking Master in action by going to their site (click on the web address or site image)

Karen Griffiths -

"Booking master has brought our website right up to date, allowing us to take credit card payments and show real-time availability. We are seeing a greater volume of bookings per hit on our site. We think that we were definitely losing customers in the past because they had to phone up to book."


Nick Sime -

"The Booking Master system has revolutionised our whole booking procedure. We now have a 24 hour receptionist which takes care of bookings, payments, customer details and pitch allocation. It would not be cost effective to employ someone to do all this work and alongside the excellent technical back up provided by the Booking Master team I would recommend any small business to take this system on."


Marian Vaughan -

"What is great about it is the immediacy of it; a visitor can go onto my website and within minutes I have a confirmed booking and the money in my account. I am still available to talk to on the phone, but I have given my customers the choice; they now decide if they want to ring up and chat about my cottages or if they want to do it all online."