why use Booking Master to add on-line booking and payments?

online booking software making you money

Booking Master maximises bookings by anticipating the needs of customers and clients for a system that is easy to use and that encourages one click booking.

One size does not fit all

We do not have a one size fits all product and philosophy because we understand, through developing our software in collaboration with industry providers, that the needs of different kinds of providers are unique, so for example offering a system developed for bed and breakfast providers to a campsite wanting to offer multi-pitch bookings would not be appropriate.

Fast, visual, and intuitive

With Booking Master checking availability is fast, visual, and intuitive, and is closely integrated with the act of making a booking - for instance by allowing users to initiate the booking process simply by clicking on available start days on the availability calendar embedded in your website.


Our system is inherently flexible. You can use an on-line payment service such as PayPal to process deposits or full payments (Booking Master software knows when to charge the full amount when a deposit will suffice based on rules that you set), to take credit card payments through our own secure payment facilities for processing yourself, or simply offer on-line availability and take provisional bookings on-line if that is your preference.

Customer Focused and Quality controlled

Our development philosophy has always been to develop software that meets the challenges of focusing on the most effective way to encourage on-line booking, software that makes the most of your availability rather than developing some quick and easy program to keep costs low.
Our aim is to be the accommodation provider's choice through responding to your needs.

At Booking Master we take pride in our work, and even though our customers have so far been thoroughly delighted with our software, we are not content to leave it at this, and are dedicated to offering on-going innovation and development to ensure that the UK accommodation providers market reaps the benefit of UK developed software (all of our development work and quality control is based in the UK and there is no outsourcing of any elements).

Competitively priced and peace of mind

Because Booking Master is hosted software that you simply subscribe to costs are very low. You have guaranteed access to ongoing support, immediate access to any upgrades without having to download new software, and no headaches about data security or worries about data back-ups.

For more specific features of Booking Master, including calendars, payment arrangements, back office integration and marketing opportunities, please click here.

For further information, please call us or send an email and we will be happy to answer any questions and explain more about how you can become partners with us in making on-line booking an affordable and dramatically effective way to boost your business.